KSM150 Stand Mixer Review

KitchenAid KSM150 Stand MixerThe KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan stand mixer is known to be one of the best stand mixers on the market today. The KitchenAid KSM150 stand mixer is really built well from a company that still chooses to build its products in the United States rather than abroad which shows how much KitchenAid believes in the American workers ability to create quality products that really deliver to the public.

The KitchenAid Ksm150 is one well built mixer that will last for years and uses to come. This unit is made of stainless steel that weighs in at a hefty 25 pounds. You might as well clear a spot on the counter for this stand mixer. It’s too heavy to keep moving it from the cupboard to the counter. And besides, once you start using it, you’ll find yourself using it more and more.

This Artisan stand mixer is a substantial piece of equipment that boasts a motor that delivers 325 watts of power. This will make preparing your favorite recipes like child’s play. If your tired of having to mix those thick bread, meat and cookie recipes by hand, than the KitchenAid KSM150 will do this for you in a breeze. You’ll also like the fact that the number of colors to choose from allows you to match the color of the unit with the decor of your kitchen.


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Mixer Head Type
Watts and Power
Mixing Speeds
Bowl Capacity
Attachments Included
Available Colors
Optional Accessories
KSM150 Dimensions
Customer Reviews
Pros & Cons

The KSM150 Features

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The KitchenAid KSM150 Stand Mixer is the perfect addition to your kitchen whether your just starting to add to your kitchen or if you are updating from an older model. This mixer is a smaller version of the commercial mixers that restaurants use for food preparation, and with all the features that this model comes with, you’ll feel and cook like a pro.

  • All metal construction and aluminum housing will give you years of use.
  • Multi-purpose attachment hub allows for the addition accessories that will take your cooking to a new level. The hub comes with a cover to help keep the attachment slot clean.
  • Direct drive transmission delivers power to the mixer form the motor more efficiently.
  • A sliding speed control knob that features 10 speeds which allows for a more thorough mixture of recipes.
  • Locking plate that holds the bowl in place.
  • Large 5 quart mixing bowl with a ergonomic grip that allows for easier handling.
  • Included is a 2 piece pouring shield which covers the bowl with a chute attached that allows to add ingredients without the splatter.

The KSM150 mixer comes with more features and benefits than I can name. But, one thing’s for sure and that is with all the features this unit comes with, it means less work in preparation, less of a mess in the kitchen, less time it takes to clean up, and greater satisfaction with cooking the dishes you’ve always wanted to make.

KSM150 Mixer Head Type

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This mixer comes with a tilt head that moves back out of the way when you want to add ingredients, or check on the contents in the bowl. If your going to use this mixer, make sure you have ample room for its use. With the head tilting back, it might not fit under a cabinet while your using it. This feature also allows you to change attachments with ease.

Watts and Power

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If your looking for power, this stand mixer supplies 325 watts of power which is enough for mixing even the heaviest of recipes to the consistency your looking for while all the while making easy work of tasks such as kneading dough, whipping cream or beating egg whites.

Mixing Speeds

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All KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 mixers come with a 10 speed direct drive transmission that allows you to select the precise speed needed to get that perfect mix. And, instead of trying to add ingredients while the mixer is on high, you can slow the mixer down to add in more ingredients without having to worry about creating a mess.

Bowl Capacity

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The mixing bowl that’s included with the KSM150 stand mixer is a huge 5-quart mixing bowl made of polished stainless steel and has a ergonomic handle attached to it so lifting the bowl is easy and comfortable. This large mixing bowl allows you to make extra large batches of mix that will cut your kitchen time in half. There’s also a pouring shield that comes with a large chute that allows you to add ingredients without worrying about creating a mess. You’ll also like the planetary mixing action that covers the bowl at 67 different points so you get a well blended mixture.

Attachments Included With The KSM150ksm150 attachments

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The attachments that come with the KitchenAid KSM150 stand mixer are the dough hook for mixing and kneading doughs, a flat beater for making batter, meat loaf and all textures in-between, and a wire whip for egg whites, mayonnaise, and more air infused creations. All three are solidly constructed and easily secure to the mixer with a simple twist. Any of the white plastic attachments are dishwasher safe, but the attachments that are made of metal need to be hand washed.

Available Colors

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One nice thing about the KitchenAid Artisan mixers are the wide variety of colors available. You can find a color that will fit into any kitchen decor. There are currently 29 different colors to choose from. The prices may vary as much as 100.00 depending on the color you choose. The less popular colors will cost less, and if you are willing to settle on one of those, the savings can be substantial.

Here are the available colors to choose from:

Almond Cream, Aqua Sky, Bayleaf, Blue Willow, Boysenberry, Buttercup, Caviar, Cobalt Blue, Contour Silver, Cornflower Blue, Crystal Blue, Empire Red, Espresso,Gloss Cinnamon, Green Apple, Ice, Imperial Black, Imperial Gray, Liquid Graphite, Majestic Yellow, Onyx Black, Pear, Persimmon, Pistachio, Silver Metallic, Tangerine, White, White on White (trim: white), Yellow Pepper.

To get a better idea of what the available colors look like, go here: KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan Colors

KSM150 Optional Accessories

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KSM150 Optional AccessoriesOne nice thing about the KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer is that you can do so much more with all of the additional accessory attachments. Know matter what your looking to make, there’s probably an attachment for it that will make the task easier. You probably won’t need all of the extras, but it’s nice to know that when you eventually expand your culinary skills, there will be an attachment that will help the job go quicker and easier.

Below is a list of optional accessories available for the KSM150 Stand Mixer. For more information on each item, click here: KitchenAid KSM150 Attachments

  • Sausage Stuffer Kit
  • Roto Slicer w/ Shredder
  • Ravioli Maker
  • Pasta Excellence Kit
  • Pasta Cutter
  • Mixer Attachment Pack w/ Citrus Juicer
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl w/Handle
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Parts
  • Fruit & Vegetable Strainer & Grinder
  • Food Tray
  • Mixer Attachment Pack
  • Food Grinder


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14 by 8-2/3 inches by 14 inches
Weight: 25 lb. 8 oz.

The KSM150 stand mixer is a heavy piece of equipment. If you plan on using this mixer regularly, I would suggest that you leave it out on the counter top. This unit weighs in at over 20 pounds, so moving it from the cupboard to the counter could be a little difficult. Anyway, since it’s such a great addition to your kitchen, you might as well show it off.

Customer Reviews

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With more than 2300 Amazon reviews to read from, you’ll find that there are many more positive things to say about the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer than there are negative. Below I have put in the most positive review as well as the most negative review. You can decide for yourself.

“My wedding gift mixer (a Sunbeam Mixmaster) turned 33 a week before Christmas, and my husband thought it was time for me to have a new one. He gifted me on Christmas with the KitchenAid 5 Qt. Artisan in white. I love this mixer and leave it out on my counter, something I never did with the Mixmaster.(read more here: KSM150 Review)”

“I purchased the Artisan for Christmas 2005. It failed (gears froze) a week after receiving it. The replacement unit failed on it’s second use. I am now awaiting my third replacement.(read more here: KSM150 Review)”

With so many people giving ratings on this product, I’m sure there are enough opinions given to help in your decision on whether this stand mixer is right for you. Out of 2396 reviews at last count, 2218 of them gave the KitchenAid KSM150 5-Quart Mixer a star rating of 4 or 5.

You can read more reviews and ratings here: KitchenAid KSM150 Stand Mixer Reviews

Amazon Rating: 4.5


Pros & Cons

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kitchenaid ksm150 prosPros:

There are a number of good things to say about the KitchenAid KSM150 stand mixer. The all metal construction means a product that is meant to last. 10 speed direct drive transmission gives you complete control of your mixtures. Several colors to choose from. Plenty of accessories to choose from that will add to your cooking talents. Plus many more.


kitchenaid ksm150 consCons:

There are a few things that I have noticed that customers have complained about with the KSM150 Artisan Mixer. One complaint is the weight of the product. Like was mentioned earlier in the article, you want to clear a space on the counter and just keep it there. Some people have complained about the mixer attachments scraping the bottom of the bowl. You must read the instructions provided for the proper way to adjust the utensils so you get   maximum control over the mixer.

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Conclusion: It goes without saying that when you come across a product that customers are really happy with and would take the time to let others know what kind of experience they had, you know you’ve got something special. That’s the case with the KSM150 Artisan Mixer. While there are always products that don’t live up to their expectations, this is not one of them. This is a well made, feature loaded product that comes with a quality guarantee by a company that’s been around for years. If it’s a stand mixer your looking for, I highly recommend the KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan Stand Mixer.

If your looking for the best price on this model, you’ll find it varies depending on where you buy from. I found that you’ll get the widest choice of colors and the best price at They also include shipping deals that make the purchase even more of a value.


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